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Hype & Dexter gets to the heart of businesses to help them transform with technology and realise revenue.

We created Hype & Dexter for APAC businesses who want to drive change and growth.

We bring a human approach to digital transformation for businesses who want to grow. And we're passionate about APAC businesses leading the world in technology, agility and productivity.

Hype & Dexter was created because the wrong technology, bad implementation, poor adoption and lack of evolution are the only 4 reasons why transformations fail. There is no reason to accept any of them, and we knew we had the expertise to do it better ourselves.

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Meet the Team


Ryan Watkins


Ryan has proven himself as a leader and visionary in businesses of all kinds, from start-ups through to the corporate sector, for over 10 years.

He has managed massively successful e-commerce and data enterprises – and lead sales teams across a variety of industries. Ryan’s focus is on developing clear strategic plans that help businesses grow.

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Romi Dexter


Romi has over 20 years of experience in delivering for some of Australasia’s most successful digital presences. She ensures we deliver fast, quickly adapt to our client needs, and continuously evolve to ensure incredible results.

Romi’s career has covered both corporate and agency sides, leading high performing digital teams across technical and marketing disciplines. And she is a Certified HubSpot Trainer.

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Alex Mackrill

Marketing Director

Alex is a digital and social marketing specialist who has created several campaigns for GrabOne, Spark, Uber, Honda, and other household names. He has also developed products and strategies that connect with and build audiences.

Alex is regularly asked to chair or speak at marketing conferences, and is on the cutting edge of media, content and social trends.

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Nick O'Neil

Commercial Director

A digital sales & marketing leader, mentor and coach, Nick has extensive B2B and B2C sales experience at all levels: from digital and media start-ups as well as enterprise level sales execution.

Nick has been Sales Director of GrabOne, 90 Seconds and most recently Customer Radar. He has been a major factor in the growth of all the businesses who have been lucky enough to have him.

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Trevor Topfer

Campaign Creation Manager

Trevor comes to us after years of freelance digital marketing and he even ran his own agency!

Trevor brings a wealth of digital knowledge & experience to ensure we drive success for our clients.

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Karen Keh

Digital Campaign Manager

Karen has been in the media industry for more than 10 years. She has helped transition many businesses to become 100% digital with an incomparable knowledge of processes and systems to get the job done right first time.

Karen loves connecting all the elements of a campaign together, from careful and considered targeting to diving into data to find answers. Everything she does is to return maximum ROI for our clients.

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Chris Hannent

Senior Creative

Chris has worked in the social media space for several years in all kinds of businesses – from independent craft beer brands to massive corporate telcos.

Chris has experience in delivering outstanding results for clients through the execution of stellar content and creative. Chris stays ahead of the curve to ensure you’re not left behind.

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Maddie Dowe

Campaign Specialist

Maddie is an integral part of the team as a Campaign Specialist, and makes sure everything runs as it should.

She’s a battler in and out of the office and has even represented New Zealand for hockey. Resident chocolate eater.

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Anna Burda

Digital Delivery Manager

Anna is our resident Russian-Israeli by origin, but as of five years ago, moved to call NZ home. Although her career began with a degree in physics and economics,

Anna made the move to digital and has had an impressive 8-years of experience since. She has an innate love for a running project, delivering outstanding work and seeing the fruits of her labour come to life. When she’s not executing digital delivery, she’s on the beach during the summer and ski slopes in winter. She’s so action-packed, in fact, she has her scuba license!

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Ivan Radojcic

Digital Delivery Manager

Ivan has a varied digital background from traditional agency production in NZ and AUS, creative services and digital pre-press to managing digital delivery teams working on an extensive range of NZ businesses.

Whenever he is not rolling up his sleeves to achieve great outcomes for H&D clients, you can find him in the garage working on rusty old cars.

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Zach Jacobsen

Head of Success

Zach brings his experience in e-commerce, business management, and creative development to the H&D arsenal to help drive delivery in the Growth team.

While he started out wanting to write for a living, he spoke up in one-too-many meetings and ended up in various leadership positions, including Business Manager with GrabOne.

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Camilla Wyness

Creative & Content Specialist

Meet Camilla, our creative and content specialist. She came to us after returning home from the windy city of Chicago, where she worked in advertising and social media.

With a love for creating beautiful design and writing copy, (as well as conjuring up her own blend of psychedelic art on Instagram), she’s a bit of a ‘60s fashionista whom you can guarantee will turn up in something colourful and crazy every day.

When she’s not creating magic for us, you’ll no doubt find her hanging out with her dog Rafael and watching too many episodes of Vikings.

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Ayesha Ahmed

Account Manager

Ayesha joined the H&D team fresh out of uni almost 2 years ago with a Marketing and Infosys degree and has since proven to be an absolute wizard at campaign optimisation and account management. Working at H&D has also helped her with her fear of dogs which she is often surrounded by in the office.

When she's not problem-solving for our team, you'll find her writing content for her own website (everything from recipes to travel), exploring the countryside on hikes, or dabbling in a game of netball. She also loves to use her platform to work with her community to empower women.

What can't she do?!

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Della Maku

Account Manager

Not only is Della the liveliness in our office, but the person you go to when you need something done quickly, and done well.

A marketing and Infosys graduate from AUT, Della brings her background in marketing and promotion and manages multiple Success accounts, optimises campaigns and supports the internal team, daily.

Ever an entrepreneur with an altruistic heart, Della’s goal is to launch an NZ App to prevent Domestic Violence. With her business acumen, it won’t be long before she’s there!

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Sarah Penwarden

Content Manager

Sarah, our copywriting wunderkind, definitely lives up to her surname.

With experience in writing all forms of copy and content in various NZ digital marketing agencies, and a long-standing passion wordsmithery and written communication, Sarah has found her home at H&D as our in-house content manager.

While during the weekdays you’ll find her headphones-on and deep in a Google-Doc, on the weekends she’s out concert-going, exploring the country and eating (probably a little too much…)

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Gabe Middleton

Business Development Manager

As our resident Business Development Manager and sales-guru, Gabe brings a wealth of technical knowledge as well as an undeniable talent for closing

deals to the H&D Commercial team. His excellence in tech and coding has seen him deliver outstanding solutions for our clients, and makes him an invaluable part of the team.

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Ben Nguyen

Digital Designer

Ben joined us from Hanoi, Vietnam with over 7 years of design experience under his belt. With a sharp eye for detail and a knack for making things beautiful, Ben

brings a lot to the table. With added experience in UI/UX and app building, Ben certainly is a force to be reckoned with!

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Matthew Boyd

Functional CRM Consultant & Business Analyst

Matthew “Moomoo” Boyd loves his steak blue and his digital campaigns optimised. Mmmmm… Optimisation…

He’s our in-house affiliate marketing specialist & burger eating champion (true story).

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Jon Mogard

Project Manager

Jon has been working in digital marketing for the good part of the last 15 years, selling everything from cosmetics, liquor and opera, IT services & rental

cars! Jon joined us early in 2020 straight from Sweden where he has been working as a CRM and Marketing consultant at a HubSpot Agency in Stockholm for the past few years.

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Grace BW

Grace Kim

Executive Assistant

While her initial goal was to become a flight attendant until her dream was suddenly grounded when she realised she didn’t like planes... Grace brings a skill set based in assistant managing hotel chains and applies it here at H&D as our Executive Assistant.

During the working day, you’ll find her providing support to our Directors, managing all of the accounts receivable and juggling meetings for all new clients as well as keeping the office in check.

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Natasha Taylor

Digital Conversion Specialist

Digital marketer by day and an aerial performer by night – what can’t she do?
Natasha has a background in the fitness industry and was managing a gymnastics centre before taking the plunge to start her career in marketing. 

She started as our favourite intern and is now killing it as a Digital Conversion Specialist.

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Samuel Yap-Choong

Data Insights Analyst

Passionate about all things data science, Sam loves statistics, programming and all things analytical.

When he's not working as our Data Insights Analyst, you'll find him hanging out at the local bouldering gym looking for that next big climb.

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What we do


Digital transformation

Transform your sales, marketing and operational processes to save you time and make you money.

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CRM Solutions

We work with all CRM solutions and are one of the fastest growing Hubspot partners in the entire APAC Region.

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Ecommerce Expertise

We design, build and optimise Ecommerce sites and communications to outperform.

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Digital Marketting

We take the legwork and the guesswork out of your online marketing, lead generation and customer acquisition.

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Technical Integration

Our approach to integration puts your business wants and needs – rather than the technology – first.

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"With a large marketing team and an existing marketing automation system, we were looking for technical masters to help us transition to Hubspot. The Hype & Dexter team provided not only technical expertise, but excellent creative direction and amazing project management. They have helped us not only seamlessly transition but worked to reshape our current marketing programme and build out our future strategy. With knowledge and skills in all the areas of the marketing mix, I would not hesitate to recommend the team."

Karla Byrnes

Senior Marketing Campaigns Manager, Unleashed Software

"Hype & Dexter have truly transformed the way that we source and service new investors. Our acquisition strategies are more cost-effective than ever, and our ability to engage with our customers has improved massively."

Heather Kentsley

Investor Relationship Manager, Southern Cross Partners

"The Hype and Dexter team did a fantastic job in planning and managing our move to HubSpot. Right from the start they 'got' our requirements to provide funnel transparency for prospects, to measure how effective our content and engagement activities were, and to sync seamlessly with Salesforce.

We now have a clear picture of the prospect, lead and customer journey and can measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities at each stage. This means we can conduct experiments, test results, and then move quickly to scale the best activities."

David Procter

Marketing Manager, Unleashed Software

"Hype & Dexter have enabled us to do a lot more, they are relentless in fixing stuff and improving it. It’s been a huge win to add them, and HubSpot, to our business.

We’re well on our way to achieving our goals. Hype & Dexter has given us the tools we need to chase down these goals and we wouldn’t have even dreamed of attempting to achieve these without the HubSpot platform setup."

Neil Smart

National Sales Manager, EFTPOS NEW ZEALAND

We do digital ... different

We are a data-driven and results-focused agency and work in a transparent way to help you achieve your business goals.

That means being upfront and honest with you every step of the way: showing you how we're spending your money, and demonstrating how we're making you money.