In the digital age there is no reason why technology or creative lead implementations should lack accountability or transparency of bottom line numbers. So we created a different kind of agency.

At Hype & Dexter we start with understanding, deliver with best practice, and then evolve your experience based on real data to incrementally improve and maximise your return.

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Through research and facilitated sessions we work with your team to determine your digital marketing goals, and customer personas and key messaging to produce creative that will resonate with them. We also seek to understand your tools and processes to ensure that your organisation is positioned to exploit the opportunities generated by your inbound marketing.

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We configure and launch your inbound marketing and sales platforms, design and execute ad campaigns, landing pages and offers. We’ll create an entire funnel and cross-channel campaign to maximise conversions of leads and sales.

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We continuously review and optimise your funnels and processes to ensure incremental improvements that maximise your conversions. And we collaborate by continuing to work with your team to come up with new concepts and recommendations.


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Could your business stand to gain from a digital strategy session from NZ's leading minds in the field?

We run these sessions with just two specially-selected business every month to get them on track for digital transformation