our process

At H&D we operate in an Agile Scrum Enivronment. Our weekly "Sprints" allows us to deliver incremental value as we work towards fulfilling the overall solution.

Through this process we maximise the oppertunity for feedback and deliver value faster.

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Traditional Delivery

Playing Cards

High-Risk bet

Huge time investment
Large up-front cost
Often runs very late and over-budget


Unpredictable Results

Built on Opinions
Set it and forget it


Agile Delivery

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A Smarter Approach

Launch quick and improve
Investment spread out over time
Launch on-time and on-budget

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Optimising Results

Data-Driven Decisions
Month-over-month improvement


We refuse you to sell you anything until we’re both happy that we understand the best solution for your business. Our experts get to know your business inside and out, as well as all the pain points you are currently experiencing with your tech.

A thorough investigation at the discovery stage is going to make sure you are going to be moving ahead with the right technology.

Discovering root cause and solution

We assess our findings, stack them against your goals, budget and wishlist, and design the right recommendation for your digital transformation.

But we don’t do it alone, we spend time with your time to see how they work and learn what they want from something new.

A small commitment from you upfront will make the biggest impact in what we can deliver for you. And getting things right from the implementation is going to ensure you’re set up for success.


Agile ain’t the word for what we do. Actually it is, but for us it’s not just a buzzword, it’s the foundation of our very existence.

Working in sprints, scrums and stand-ups means that we are always focused on task, and can always keep you in the loop on what is being worked on, by whom, and when you can unwrap it.

Our attitude to agile delivery is simple – we focus on transparency and practicality.

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Then it’s over to you - with our support to ensure everything performs to (or even beyond) your expectations.

We do everything we can to make sure you’re equipped to fully embrace your new digital solution.


But wait, there's more


We don’t just drop a finished product in your lap and walk away - engaging with us means we can continue to enhance your solution, train your people, and optimise your systems.

Our goal is to help you stay on the cutting edge, so we’re always looking for ways to automate wherever possible, and to provide any enhancement that will better serve your customers.


But wait, there's even more

Digital Transformation Maturity Model

Our maturity model is based on over 500 key digital capability metrics. It gives you a clear roadmap for the next logical step in your journey through the age of automation.

Digital transformation maturity model


The tools we work with


Could your business stand to gain from a digital strategy session from NZ's leading minds in the field?

We run these sessions with just two specially-selected business every month to get them on track for digital transformation